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Videoture: Foreign Fields' are Favorites

Foreign Fields The band)By: Richard Hart

There is nothing more difficult these days than trying to get noticed as a musician. The music industry has had more changes than "Malibu" Barbie at a Fashion show.

The record companies, struggle for viability, and iTunes (and the like) continue to reshape the industry into what it will eventually become (whatever that is!). Yet, behind it all, a few steadfast and brave souls persist in their efforts, to bring some new sounds and ideas to the forefront to be heard. It still happens! And sometimes, the good guys win, and even an unlikely sound rises to the top.

TuscaloosaSuch is the case with the guys from "Foreign Fields". This band had it's origins in an empty field in Wisconsin, and they have since found their way to wiles of Nashville, Tennessee. The music work is always first cabin, and the song writing apt for the wondering soul. All great, but this dynamic band found real resonance when they attempted a cinematic representation of their work in web video. Literally, as they were seen, they were heard.... and you will be hearing much more from these fellows. Let's hope!

See their website, hear their music, and please buy their CD!

Also, see their work "Names and Races" as a sound track in the John Neeman Tools Web Video here at