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Videoture: Google taps Web Video to relate complex information easily

google 1By: Richard Hart

Whither you love them or hate them, Google is a fact of Internet life. Google controls a variety of search related criterion that even their competitors can't ignore, and at some point - they touch every single web user. Some users even get touched intimately - and that does not always go down well. But that aside for a moment, as a purveyor of Internet data and services, Google has a herculean task to disseminate all their "how-to" and "what-if" data to the world.

Google recognized this early on, and started producing series after series of web video advertising and infomercials on how Google would prefer their users to respond to their... "System". Some of these web videos were very difficult to watch, even if you provided rapt attention (like) the information they were conveying was critical to your business. Quickly the online mega-search giant discovered, that bringing out your smartest engineer on a topic, was not necessarily the best strategy to convey important ideas to non-Googleites. You still have to win acceptance (show empathy) and be likeable if you expect people to watch your Company video.

All that appears to be in the past now, and a new brand of idea-sharing Google executives are flooding to the web in video output. And the good news is, the web videos are seriously improved! A trademark of a Google web video now employs great lighting, good audio, and a story line that generally moves along at an understandable pace. Are the Google people now likeable? You be the judge! But, we admire their per si stance in improving the company video craft.
google 2

Google Battling their own Behemoth

Being as big and successful (like Google) is a problem most of us don't have. But, Google took the first steps to start waging war on their own image through web video. Okay, they bought Youtube and solved that pesky question about which video host to use for their videos. And then got busy cataloging their issues about disseminating information. The next step was to start producing web videos, and as I stated earlier, they are showing great promise and improvement. We assembled some really good examples of the new Google approach to web video production for you to see in the web video player above.

Please pay particular attention to the "How does the Google Search Work?" video hosted by Googlemaster Matt Cutts. This is a classic video example, of how to take a really complex topic (like the stuff you sell) and convey it to customers directly. Matt has a generalized script here (bullet points), and also is very comfortable talking in front of a video camera. The rest is crisp focus, good white balance, elementary white board drawings, good lighting and backdrop. The explanation he provides is like you had just called him on the phone, and asked your question directly to him. Nice!

At 7 minutes and 45 seconds this video is at the long end of any "explanation" type web video. Try whenever possible to keep all your web videos pithy, and short as possible without "shortsheeting" your point. If you have multiple points to address, try making additional web videos preferentially, and target your topics succinctly.

google 3Even Google Needs a Little Love Sometimes

It is patently false that Google trademarked the "Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down" communication methodology. The Roman Caesars were doing it back before Jesus was in High School. But that said, Google and Youtube really like the whole "Thumbs" thing. If you happen to notice this type of thing, Google gets more "Thumbs Down" accolades than almost anybody on the web! Do they deserve it? Maybe! But, they do ask for it! And the strategy has some genius at it's core.

How much time does it take to "like" something? How much time does it take to "hate" it? Our guess here is that both answers are about the same. But, you can't get to either response without thinking about it. And, if they got you to think about it, they just won half of the battle. See where I am going with this?

Be sure to always ask you viewers what they think, even of you are afraid the output maybe bad. Web Video making isn't for sissies. Besides negatives can provide motivation to keep improving your craft, and your product. Google is getting the message, and that's why we love them!