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Videoture: GoPro is making the Video Camera a Part of Life

goproby: Richard Hart

They are ubiquitous and virtually obligatory in every extreme sport situation in the world, and now they are finding there way into your everyday life. Yes, it's the GoPro Hero3+ Camera with a radical 4K (15fps) and/or 1080p (60fps) technical specification - silently recording your every move and prospective move. Does this give you pause?

Even as GoPros become smaller and lighter, their performance continues to improve. It's never been easier to capture the incredible experience that is your everyday life. So as you capture and share your life’s most meaningful experiences with the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, which is now 20% smaller and lighter than its best-selling predecessor. GoPro delivers improved image quality and powerful new features geared for versatility and convenience.

SuperView™ is a new video mode that captures the world’s most impressive wide angle perspective, while Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rate for stunning low-light performance. Combine this with a 30% longer battery life, 4x faster Wi-Fi throughput, a sharper lens (finally!) and compatibility with all GoPro mounts and accessories, the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro yet.

cam on head guyStop, Drop and Share

GoPro has a new App that makes it easy to control your camera, and allows you do more with your GoPro content than ever before. Get full remote control of all camera functions. See what your camera sees with live preview for easy shot-framing. View photos and play back videos, then share your favorites via email, text, Instagram™, Facebook® and more.

Use your smartphone or tablet as an ultra-convenient remote control for your GoPro. Quickly adjust camera settings, start/stop recording, switch modes, check your battery level and more. It's great for gear-mounted shooting where the camera is out of reach. Plus, live preview lets you see what your GoPro sees so you can frame your shots with the confidence you get from seeing your work and verifying your content.

Me, My GoPro Camera and I

cam helmetSo what does this mean to you? Simple, you now have a reliable and low cost relatively high grade video recording device at your disposal... so dispose... er, I mean... start shooting. Record your product being used, record your customers using your product, and lastly make sure you record some satisfaction from the people you want to see the video ultimately... your customers.

We started using the GoPro Video Camera System here at Videoture in 2011. We have filmed hundreds of hours of rural Hawaii and Beach scenes for Super Beaches Hawaii ( complete with surfing and diving scenes from Hawaii and all over the world. We beat them. Left them in the sun. Dropped them. Kicked them and took them deep under the shiny blue sea. They took a licking and kept on ticking... so we recommend them. It's that simple. ( Not sure if I am ready to let the world see me with one strapped to my head just yet, but...)

Videoture Note:
We will use GoPro Cameras in any situation where we dare not use one of our super expensive and slightly finicky studio cameras. The color balance is always good, and if we had to complain it would only be about the lack of lens optical quality. The GoPro Hero3+ marks a serious improvement in this category, so expect to see more work done directly in GoPro Hero3+ camera. At $399 it's a winner.