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Videoture: Debunked Series Debuts Debate Details Divinely

HopeBy: Richard Hart

One of the more challenging components of Christian life for many Christian believers is to be able to relate the reasons for their faith – in clear and succinct terms, to a non-believing friend, family member, or co-worker. This issue is even more compounded for young believers, who perhaps have not been trained to articulate their faith with the same tenacity that detractors might convey in their articulation of their dis-belief, or the reasons from which they proceed that the Christian belief system is not scientifically tenable in a post-modern context.

It seems every “believing” generation must come to terms with how this issue must be addressed, and as the messaging evolves with the every generation, so to the methodology of how the information will get delivered and be received. Preparing young people to address this issue is the raison d’etre at “Reasons for Hope” Ministries, which specializes in speaking to young believing people in the parlance and baud rate of the young at heart. Amongst  a variety of methods of articulation, they deliver a web based, information packed Video Series themed around “debunking” the common questions, objections, negative observations, and conclusions of the non-believing world.

2 minutesIts all about the tempo...

The web video series format is graphics based, with a voice over moderator/spokesman. All moving at a very rapid pace. The inference being, that no question should be left hanging for any appreciable amount of time. Bold colors frame the rapid-fire video sequences. And, regardless of your theological persuasion, you will not find it visually boring! Again, I believe this makes the format more intrinsically appealing to a younger crowd that is accustomed to fast information dissemination and visualization.

In fact, huge amounts of information and data is disseminated, with references, throughout each video, and it is done in a building block format. Often, the information explained in a previous scene, is the foundation on which the next point or sequence is constructed. If the viewer tracks the data flow, it can be very effective in making complex points or references. This is terrific example too, of showing written word along with spoken word, to underscore a message.

The effectiveness of this format is easy to see, if you watch young people consume the video materials. It works! Comparatively, if the material was being packaged for a different target demographic, you could argue that perhaps slowing the pace somewhat might be advisable, but that just might be an indicator of how much mileage is on my personal odometer. If you want to be heard by the High School/College/Young Professional cadre, these fellows may have the sauce in the web video mix.
Reasons Carl Kelby