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Videoture: Shoot Web Video Like a Pro with Sony Professional, USA

F65By: Richard Hart

Of all the names in the electronics universe, none is better known or more commonly familiar than Sony Electronics. This Japan based Company started doing business after WWII, and began manufacturing its own version of a tape recorder. As the transistor revolution swept the electronics industry, Sony moved into the growing transistor radio market. The product name gradually became synonymous with high quality electronics, all at an affordable price.

There is no meaningful aspect of the electronics industry that Sony has not competed for market share, yet still often, consumers will be surprised to discover that Sony has a product that will work perfectly in the application they are investigating.

Such was the case for us at Videoture, when we started seriously examining the "NLE" (Non-Linear Editing) software market for a "turn key" product solution for editing HD XDCAM video that we were producing. We had heard of Vegas software, but we didn't know that Sony had purchased the Company lock/stock and barrel. We tried the product on a demonstration download, purchased it immediately, and have not looked back in regret. Through the years, we have joined forces in buyers groups discussions, customer forums, trade show pow-wows, and we have forged a terrific working relationship with them and the entire engineering group.

Of course the software focus at Sony Vegas is a tiny portion of the total effort that Sony is extending worldwide in the digital video industry. Sony Professional has been developing high end digital video cameras for both broadcast and film makers alike. The new Sony F55 and F65 series digital video cameras are pioneering the general expectation set surrounding our development into 4K digital Video.
Sony F65 in Costa RicaAs you might expect, prices are still very high for these video cameras, and the technology to purvey 4K digital video still has many unanswered questions. Comparatively, the development landscape is not unlike the development evolution we saw with HD digital video. We at Videoture remain very confident that even higher quality affordable video production is just around the corner. But, as the quality potential of the video output improves - so does the growing requirement for an understanding of the fundamentals and craftsmanship for shooting "pro video" with sound basic camera work.

Sony addressed one dimension of this requirement, by producing a terrific series of web videos titled "Shoot Like a Pro". The challenge for them was not to make a Sony commercial, but rather an informative and engaging series of infomercials about the mechanics of video "craftsmanship" and camera handling mechanics. Stressing fundamentals, and improving the skill set of all who would watch. The logic was sound. Improve the skill set of the buying public, and you will in fact increase the total number of people who would potentially buy a Sony Professional Series video camera.

Once again, web video proved a great tool for educating customers, especially if the customer has the sense that they are not being proselytized and can receive great and beneficial information by simply "tuning in". Us web video guys dig that all day!